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About Us

Ax-In-Hand Guitars has been in business since 1964 in DeKalb, Illinois starting as a personal lesson studio with a few selection of guitars. Founder Larry Henrikson developed a reputation for his incredible talent and his effective teaching style that helped grow his studio and guitar inventory, and in 1969 Larry officially re-named the store Ax-In-Hand Guitars.

Over the years Larry saw the value and superiority of vintage guitars - "junk" guitars that at the time other stores saw as old and worn. When the vintage market took off, Ax-In-Hand Guitars became the "go to" spot for professionals and hobbyists alike. Players like Bryan Setzer, Joan Jett, INXS, Rick Nielson, The Doobie Brothers, and many others have all visited or purchased from this legendary store.

Ax-In-Hand became so notorious that in the 1980's when Fender Guitars had a warehouse fire that destroyed their vintage inventory, they turned to Larry to help rebuild their collection.

Sadly, in November of 2000, Larry Henrikson passed away but his children recognized the legacy that their father built and the importance it held in the guitar industry. After a short couple of years, Ax-In-Hand reopened its doors at a new location in DeKalb to continue providing quality lessons, repairs, and guitars to the community.

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Peter Dubsky, designer of the iconic '70s logo

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